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About Us

I am excited to share our story with you.

We've been hard at work for the past 2.5 years, building something that we think is pretty special. We know it's not just us—we've gotten so much feedback from people who have used TickleLife and loved it! But we also know that this isn't something that's been done before.

We want to create something that will change the way people experience health and well-being, and we think you'll love it too. To help you understand what a roller coaster ride this has been and why we call ourselves crazy, I just put a timeline of our journey and the promise it, it will keep on getting updated because our journey and understanding should be shared. As I always say, the reason we are where we are today is because of the time spent learning and going through the various roadblocks which have impacted humanity and lead to multiple health and well-being taboos.



First visit to sex toy shop

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Launch of a no-hold bar mobile App. Problems: Rejected twice by the App store The servers crashed Morphed into a hook-up app! *Gulp*

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Closed the App but the journey to why discoverability is such a big issue started

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Tickle.Life, Inc. was formed Problems: Bank rejections Employees rejections (281 in total)

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Creating in-house newsletter: Save money and also save from being rejected

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Over 365 contributors launching the First sex positive Podcast hosting in the world Over 600+ Sex positive podcasts are being streamed on the platform Biggest roadshow of sexual wellbeing workshops covering 3 continents, 8 sex educators, 10 big sexual wellbeing brands, and over 450 couples!

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Introducing the world to the pleasure tech stack designed to overcome the infrastructure limitations that other industries take for granted. Our mission is to fight unnecessary censorship and vague rules that stop millions of people from getting the sexual health and well-being services they deserve.

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Our journey has always been about finding solutions to the problems and so have been our products, but now we want to bring them to the industry. The same industry which worked with us, made me feel like I have a big family and have been there when I needed. Stay tuned where TickleLife creates the first pleasure tech stack for the global health and wellbeing industry that lacks the same marketing, email, payment, and other SaaS tools that the rest of the niches take for granted.


Problem: Current solutions do a horrible job in building bridges for the professionals in the industry and the users which is estimated to be over $1 Trillion. Big Technology companies do not understand the nuance of sexual well-being and ends up clubbing many health and wellbeing professionals with porn, leading to de-platforming, payments issues, and censoring of health-centric content which impacts the pleasure discoverability. The Solution: Tickl.Life is building the world's first 'pleasure tech stack' with custom-built tools for millions of sex-positive Healthcare and Wellbeing Professionals, Educators and Content Creators to meet their unmet demand.

Love and Gratude,

Shakun Sethi
CEO and founder, Tickle.Life

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